Determined to expand on the terrorist ways he learned from the CIA
Osama bin Laden shifts his attack on the United States into high gear
by investing millions in the US auto industry.

Rollovers kill more people than any other kind of road accident and Sport Utility Vehicles roll over the most. They killed more than 12,000 North Americans in the 90’s and were forecast to exceed 2,000 deaths per year in the next decade. They have over twice as many fatal rollovers as cars. They cause four times as many rollover injuries. Pickups are a close second, then vans. To top it off, when these high, heavy (usually unneeded) brutes hit a car they’re 16 times more likely to kill people than a normal vehicle would be...A strong image crushes common sense.

And the carnage will continue for years. This deadly fad drove the light truck category’s market share from 20% in 1980 to 50% by the year 2000. For about a decade, every fourth new vehicle sold was an SUV.

So, although buying up big blocks of shares isn’t as flashy as blowing up tall buildings, and doesn't garner the same notoriety, if your goal is to take out nice folks by the thousands, flogging light trucks works like a damn. These giant corporations, answering only to Osama and his fellow shareholders, manufacture death and deliver it throughout the rich western nations for him, at a tidy profit, too...until rising oil prices curb the truck market.

But, that's one of the great bonuses of this approach.

First, uncritical investment that supports The Big Three US automakers' pursuit of short term profits from gas guzzling SUV's keeps them from investing R&D money in the fuel efficient or alternately powered vehicles that we inevitably have to move to. As the increasing demand for oil inflates prices, the demand for such vehicles takes off. One of the United States' dominant industries will fall prey to the foreign firms that have been developing more sensible cars.

Second, the proliferation of these light trucks keeps US fossil fuel use ridiculously high, so they remain dependant on Middle East oil. This keeps the US meddling in middle eastern affairs to secure their supply. This meddling keeps anti-US sentiment at a boil, making it easier to portray the States as 'The Great Satan' and destabilizing western friendly secular governments in the region that stand in the way of Islamic fundamentalist goals.

Third, these excessive US oil needs pump billions of dollars into the middle east. Given the instability brought on by the meddling, a lot of this wealth goes into arms (which the west is eager to sell), adding to the volatility that works in the fundamentalists' favour.

Fourth, when the meddling does escalate to war, the United States' involvement puts an enormous strain on their economy. This devalues their currency and weakens their position in the world.

Yee hah!

If you use an oversized suv, pickup or van, DRIVE CAREFULLY! Remember, you are a far greater threat to yourself and to the people around you than terrorism is.
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If you must drive a larger vehicle and would like to lesson your impact on the environment you can look into converting to natural gas or propane.

Terry McTavish

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