About Us

Pendragon Prints is a publishing and distribution company based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. It is owned and operated by Terry McTavish and Joan MacLean. We produce the Visible Changes card line and a selection of posters which feature my (Terry's) photography and writing. Joan's creative output is channeled elsewhere; into acting, singing and piano teaching. The more mundane aspects of the business are shared between us. Together with our two kids, Garret and Emily Rose, we have a full, wonderful life

The Visible Changes card line, which began in the summer of 1987, is a fortuitous coming together of my nature photography and my interest in the I Ching, The Book of Changes. It was a push from a friend that made me see that my photographs, as greeting cards, could gracefully convey our deepest feelings. I also came to believe that, as small windows on the beauty of the world, they could help to cultivate an awareness of nature; affirming it for some, perhaps inspiring it in others. And, it is our feelings for nature, along with our concern for ourselves, that influence the kind of choices that improve the state of the planet rather than worsening it.

As it turned out, the first handmade cards were very well received. I took a year to digest this fact, and to plan what to do next. We formed the company and, in early 1989, we published our first 18 beautifully lithographed cards. Since then, the card line has grown to about 100 images–click the
Gallery buttons–and we have published four 18 x 24 prints–click the Posters button.

The cards continue to be well received and, having put my heart and soul into them, as well as the years of work, this is very gratifying. We're proud to have sold more than one million cards and gratefful to receive letters and emails from across Canada, the US and Europe; sent by people who love the cards and want to be able to get them in their area.

Our goal is, in fact, to make the cards as widely available as possible. First, across Canada, and then, beyond. Although you're here at our website, most people buy cards when they're shopping at a drug or grocery store and, as it now stands, most of these outlets are covered by exclusive contracts with either Hallmark Cards or American Greetings. It's a situation that really benefits neither the retailers nor the customers. If you'd like to know what's being done to remedy this and how you can help, here's the link:
Canadian Greeting Cards.

We want to contribute to the well-being our ailing planet. We see each card purchased as a vote for the intrinsic value of the natural world, and look forward to being able to do more on behalf of this constituency. We want to support and develop endeavours that work with nature rather than against it. For more information on the state of the planet and our efforts to help, follow this link:
Change Our World.

If you would like to read more about my views on nature photography; the importance of 'honest' photography and how it can effect us and influence the way we treat our world, follow this link: Image Editing.

We appreciate your interest,

Terry McTavish