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Press Release: Canada's Least Known Million Seller Wants Attention

The cards support efforts to see that our changing world remains a vital, abundant and beautiful home.
Thank you for your support and appreciation.

The 'Make Changes' button takes you to information and resources related to the environment.
It also links you to info on revitalizing the card market.

We are proud to announce
our move to 100% Recycled Paper !

We've chosen to go 100% recycled to highlight what can be done
with these stocks. We also support forest stewardship standards
to lessen the impacts of using non or partially recycled papers.

Most of the cards on our racks are now 100% recycled. The rest
will become so as they are reprinted. Future print runs will all be
on 100% post consumer waste paper. (Due to shipping delays,
50% post consumer was the best we could do on our last run.)

Thanks for your support in reducing the demands on our land.

Copyright on all the website material is held by Terry McTavish, unless attributed to another source.
It may not be copied without permission.

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Morgan Reid. Construction of sites 1 & 2 and early technical assistance.
Sean Irvine. Pushing me, back in the internet dark ages, to build a website.

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