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Press Coverage

The Application for Inquiry that was brought before the Competition Bureau in 1999
garnered enough attention to be investigated by a Competition Tribunal.
We are thankful for the coverage across the country, in print, on radio and television.

This occurred back in the dark ages, before multimedia news websites and the like were common place, so there are no sound or video files to put up here, but I do have links to some of the print articles that I copied at the time.

On balance, I was pleased with the coverage that we received. Sure, there was the odd error and some articles omitted parts of the story that I felt were important. However, given the pace that reporters must work at and the range of topics they have to cover, I believe that our issue was handled pretty well, and I was very thankful for the attention that the media brought to it.

Without the focus that they put on Hallmark Cards' and American Greetings' domination of the Canadian card market, we can be quite certain that the Competition Tribunal would not have held an inquiry into the state of the market. They're swamped, and only able to look at a fraction of the cases brought before them each year. Naturally, an emphasis is placed on the cases for which there is greater publicity/public awareness.

The Georgia Straight July, 99

The Globe and Mail Aug, 99

The Victoria Times Colonist Sept, 99

The Vancouver Sun Sept ,99

The National Post Sept, 99

Progressive Greetings Sept, 99